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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Street Dancing !

For today’s Poetics, I invite you to consider the visual art of Fernando Botero as an inspiration for your word-painting.
While searching the internet about this painter I came across this mural which is situated in Medellin Colombia as I have an Interest in Street Art I thought this fitting for my choice !

Street Dancing 

Placed in Fernandos town of birth 
A  reproduction of one of his painting full of mirth 
A couple larger than life 
Presumably a man and his wife 
Dancing with gay abandonment 
Overfed or very affluent, 
In today.s society 
This would surely be an impropriety, 
The couple would be stick thin, 
Airbrushed out all double chins, 
But would the world me amiss 
If as a painting this, we chose to dismiss, 
We'd miss out on the colour and  gaiety 
 The beauty of such immense booty!

Submitted to : dVerse Poets Poetics


  1. yeah, they would certainly spin it differently in our world today...but is that only denying reality and excluding the majority...very cool you found a pic of that building...

  2. me some street tango.. and we certainly would miss out on the colour and gaiety...loved that he beat his art to a different drum

  3. I want to dance with gay abandonment. Your ending lines say it all:

    "We'd miss out on the colour and gaiety
    The beauty of such immense booty!"

  4. Certainly painted in larger than life details, didn't he?

  5. I like that you compared the painting to the brushed-thin images seen today.

  6. Kez, how neat that you used a version of the same painting I used. You are right, the couple definitely seems happy, though overfed. LOL.

  7. The asymmetry of life and art makes this an acute statement of what we should not forget.

  8. i disagree. today this is accepted in society. very much so.

  9. yes society accepts it, but not on a billboard, or in a magazine, I can even airbrush my muffin top out on picnik if I want

  10. Great read, great entertainment.

  11. Ha ha, cute use of "booty." :)

  12. Pictured reality is art devoured.


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