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Sunday, 22 January 2012



Certain  acts of impropriety, 
Were never accepted in polite society, 
Silliness did surely reign, 
Women brainwashed to abstain 
Sex, drugs and rock and roll,
Till the one appeared with a big fat, bank roll. 

Married and imprisoned in bricks up on the hill, 
Disallowed from mixing with folk from the mill, 
Boredom and curiosity surely did reign, 
Scrubbing floors, doing chores, 
Till crushing their socially ideal Amores 

Then in time, a belly full of living life, 
Presents more duties for the obedient wife, 
Motherhood and expectations did surely reign, 
Nappies, sleepless nights and restrain, 
Then that cycle would be repeated again. 

Free speech, Free love became the norm, 
The time was ripe for women to transform, 
Choices and freedom did surely reign, 
Societies silly impropriety became arcane.
Letting women use their judgement
And their brain !

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Submitted to dVerse Poet Poetics where the theme was Boundaries 


  1. there was a long way to go for us women...and things keep changing.. you may not believe it but in switzerland it's only allowed for women to vote since 1971...!!!

    1. def a long way to go...and still some to go for many...i am glad for the strides we have made and borders crossed and one day i think we will a few more...

  2. I'm happy to have rights and all, but I'd sure love to be home all day with my kids and house. ;-)


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