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Monday, 23 January 2012

Mice And Men

Mice And Men 
Photo In New York Times Jan 23rd 2012

We the mice run around play nice,
Sniffing out a living
Scurrying about, forever giving,
To them the men who tax us again and again,
They who can't lose,
Even when they've been accused
 Lying and cheating,
Our resources,
Which then forces us
To limit our heating,
Change our habits in eating,

Move our location
Affecting our nation !

We the mice care for our young,
Nurturing and feeding,
Limiting our breeding,
While them the men receive big bungs,
 Lying, deceiving,
To brainwash us into believing ,
 Their excuses and lies,
We should give them our vote,
Cause more strife, raise human anxiety,
 As they further bankrupt and demote, 
Our Society ! 

Submitted to Gooseberry Goes Poetic  whose prompt was to pick a headline from the New York Times

Submitted to dVerse Poets Open Link Night where poets share 


  1. Very good this opinion. My patience with politicians is already exhausted. Much injustice in this big world of the Good God.

  2. profound demonstrations, well done.

  3. nice! very well expressed!

  4. our society is complicated and sad too many times!

    Your piece was honest and true... very beautiful!

  5. quite some political poetry in the pub tonight... but honestly...the small mice can gain quite a bit of influence if they stand up for what they think is always was like this in history..and this is good..

  6. excellent bit of socio political commentary...witht he state of the union tonight several of us seem to have latched on to the feelings we have for what is happening...great stuff kez!

  7. Most politicians will give you the moon to be elected, then, sell your soul to the devil once they are in. Most are the same in all parties. Nicely said.

  8. Nice commentary - speaks loud and clear

  9. Here! Here! Tell it, Poetess! Love your voice in this one! (Not that I don't always...but there is some power here!)

  10. Poetry definitely is a good way to get one's feelings out, I think! I hear your thoughts loud and clear here.

  11. A well written piece, kez. Never give up!

  12. Bravo! I highly commend what you are doing here.

  13. I loved the poem and commned your word, I also like the rhythm I detected throughout. My poem "Dissonance" echoes in some regards your sentiments


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