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Monday, 15 August 2011


This is a light hearted Poem about what makes us tick, Hope it makes you smile please leave comments .....Thank you  


Passionate is not always about being horizontal,
Having to be in bed is just incidental,
Passion can be generated at the drop of a hat
That lusty feel you get in your tum, 
When you see the arch of a certain bum!
 It's true ,passion isn't for just the sack,
Passion can take control and that is fact!

Passion, when and if desired, 
Can be created if we stoke our fires, 
We dim the lights and fan the flames,
Sexy attire! The passion becomes untamed,
Subtle touches and gentle contact, 
Passion can be created and that's a fact !

Passion can breed when music is present, 
It warms your cockles and makes you ardent,
Your body sways, you feel the rhythms and beat, 
Your heart races as you move your feet,
When the evening ends, you'll complete the act, 
Passion can be absorbed and that's a fact ! 

Alvaro Castagnet

Submitted to Jingle Poetry for their  Passionate Nights of Love  theme
Jingle Poetry


  1. Yep! I like it! Thanks for letting me know about this one. Very uplifting and fun, too.

  2. What a passionate poem... enjoyed it ~

  3. Wonderfully presented - Thank you!

  4. Such a great poem! Passion usually doesn't just magically appear, it has to be cultivated. :)

  5. It's a fact, this is very good. Great atmosphere, creatively presented, and communicated more than effectively :)
    Great job.

  6. A playfully passionate write! I love the opening lines. :)

  7. Smiling...and it was much needed! Thank you for being you and all you do! Hoping to be able to visit more soon :)


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