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Friday, 2 September 2011

Dreams For Sale

Dreams for Sale 

If dreams were sold, 
What stories would be told ? 
A bedraggled street urchin 
Dining at the Ritz for Luncheon?

If dreams were sold, 
What transgressions could unfold ?
A remedy to untruths and lies,
Even truth in politics made to apply !

If dreams could be sold 
What could we do with unlimited gold ?
Destroy our moral being, 
See all of humanity fleeing ! 

If dreams could be sold, 
What would happen to all the old ? 
Driven to maintain our looks and youth,
Or would indifference become our truth ? 

If I could buy a dream,
It would be to mend humanities seams,
Let all suffering and fighting cease, 
Bring about moral and spiritual peace. 

Dreams should be our reality 
When it comes to societies humanity. 
Freedom and peace should be a given!
Until this end we as a race should all be driven!  

Freedom, Peace and good health, 
Should not depend on monetary wealth
The whole mixture of mankind 
Should ensure this elixir is assigned 
To The World !

This photograph was taken by Amy Shepherd In Southville Bristol UK the artist though is unknown


  1. Great write my friend, a evocative and beautiful message for the world. Love the image too ~ Rose

  2. Great message, too bad many don't seem to think that way as well. Great dream to be bought too, I think I'm with you.

  3. I believe in striving for peace and love, totally, but remember

    "Heven is a place where nothing ever happens."

  4. i think that the greatest dream any of us could have...unfortunately too many other dreams get in the way of it...and are bought and sold at too great a price...

  5. nicley penned. we are all worthy simply because He created us that way.

  6. Hi, Rob Kistner here. This is a piece well written, engaging – good work… mine is here:

  7. Our dreams have been sold out, I think. And we stay silent in our houses. And consume the dreams that are sold as movies. Thin gruel, I think. Thanks for this one!

  8. I think I'd have the same dream as you Kerry - harmony, community, people helping each other and caring for each other. Less greed and less self-absorption is the way to go.

  9. Any poem using Elixir in it is bound to be a great one. You did not disappoint. Very well done. You are so correct, should not depend on money. Thanks

  10. You do have a way with words. :-)


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