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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Space Cleaner

Space Cleaner 
Belgium Street Art 

Is it gonna take a space warrior ? 
To clean up our bricked corridors 
To rid society of all its spills, 
Of  media garbage,and governments bitter pills,
Of societies that consume and consumes. 
Turning our world into a ineffective sickroom .

Is it going to take Darth Vadar ,
To take the bugs from our mental radars, 
Should we be left without any immunity ?
Cleanse society, but destroy humanity, 
We'll have to take control of the filter, 
 The world then will remain on kilter.

Submitted to : dVersepoets  for Open link night in the Poets Pub 


  1. Love this one! I would have been inspired by that Belgian street art too. Awesome image. I love that you used it to convey a quite serious message. :)

  2. Loved it! The pic is fabulous and your prose goes so well with it. A great double whammy!

  3. Perfect picture... if only we can find that space warrior or darth vader to clean up the mess ~

  4. it may very well take darth vader:)
    enjoyed it.

  5. Hey, this pair couldn't possibly do worse than the superheroes in office now. Love that picture...

  6. nice...i just hope he does not have to force choke us into the darth ref...and yes we may need to do something drastic...

  7. take the bugs from our mental radars

    If only! LOL :)

  8. nice rhymes. I like the street art you've been posting with your poems.

  9. for sure the force is strong in this one :) .. yes 'if only' ~ great image too Kerry ~ Lib x

  10. Strong words and so true, Kez.
    Today I read in a picture of a wall something which went ike, "take addvantage of the fact that you can still think freely" (for who knows when we won't be that free any more!?)
    Thanks for your comment in Sweeter Poetry

  11. Tend to agree completely. The Star Wars reference was nice, and an interesting use of the Darth Vader Icon, which is very apt in a what will it take sense? Really nice work, love pieces that reflect but also make one think- thanks, enjoyed very much

  12. this is way to funny hope it will not take star wars to arrive to do this one

  13. Even space in orbit around our Earth is littered with space junk and debris, to the point it will soon be hazardous to try to leave this planet.

    The heedless devouring by consumer culture and the naive belief that we can just throw our discards "away" somewhere that will not get into our air and water have made a very big mess. Dying oceans, no place to dispose of nuclear waste, gas stations and rocket fuel disposal sites to clean up -- we are making Gaia one big Superfund site at every scale.

    The street art is amusing, but what a mess we have made. Thanks for tackling our dilemma in your poem.

  14. Great write! a true call for some sanity. ~Rose

  15. May the force be with you...
    Great poem perfect graffiti for such an important
    :) deb


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