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Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Fairy Is Born

Blow the bubbles, 
And look carefully 
Can you see 
The delicate wing of a little fairy ?

For every time a bubble is created 
The mummy fairies giggle,all excited 
Cos they have waited and waited, 
For the magical soapy bubbles to be sighted !

Look at the bubbles can't you see 
ImageThe birthing of a tiny fairy 
      The rainbow colours dancing in the light 
Are the tiny wings of a little sprite!

So blowing bubbles isn't just for fun 
It's the start of a fairies life 
 That's only just begun 
So blow your bubbles and you will see 
The tiny delicate wings, 

Of a brand new fairy! 

Submitted to Bluebell Books  Story Slam 


  1. Ohh Kerry ~ you were right ~ I LOVED LOVED LOVED ~ tiny thumb fairy ~ birthed from a bubble ~ Pop!!
    comes a FAIRY ~ and I LOVE Bubbles to start ~ BUT FAIRIES now they are real close to my heart ~ #fairykissed #bliss #MAGICAL #popping ~ Mwah!!
    Mwah!! Mwah!! Off to birth some fairy sprites in this beautiful SUN ~ I so loved this from start to finish ~ #happydance and #smiles x x x and of course to you dear Kerry most #magicalwishes

  2. intelligent one,
    it makes me smile big.

  3. I love this one! I've never heard that fact about bubbles before. :P

  4. What a delightful interpretation of the prompt ... and I love the baby pic , it's soooo adorable!

  5. yes I can see the wings of a little fairy this is such a lovely poem thank you for sharing

  6. Wonderful! I love the use of the colored fonts. Fits the prompt beautifully.

  7. Very cute and fun to read. Reads like u had fun with this.

  8. Wonderful and fun too. I love this piece. It makes me want to go and make bubbles right now :)

  9. I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Your blog site is wonderful and I believe that you deserve this award. Please claim your award and follow the three requirements for this award. It is my honor to nominate you for this award. Thank you.

  10. Very cute! I love the little thumb fairy and the idea that fairies are born from bubbles! Well done :-)

  11. Love this ... fairies are magical delights! Thank you for sharing! :-)

  12. Kez, This is so beautifully sweet!! My daughter's favorites are angels and faries :) May I print a copy of this to give to her? Please let me know. Thanks so much for sharing this, Terri

  13. loved this one-great fairy tale poem


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