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Monday, 19 September 2011

Bridging The Gap

I have always been fascinated by Bridges and think this one is particularly beautiful I found these pictures which have been painted as a mural at Harvey Nichols in Bristol .

Bridging The Gap 

close-up of bridge
Mural situated in Harvey Nichols Bristol 

There in all your majesty, steel and cables 
Surveying lives and history
People crossed over, 
They communicated and bartered,
Underneath cargo passed in ships 
In full sail, sometimes chartered
Bridging areas yet uncharted. 

Built  for domestic economy,
Giving  Bristol more autonomy,
In times when ships carried wines and slaves. 
They bridged the enclaves and gorge 
With cables and steel, which they had forged, 
Bridging societies and economy .

Your  beauty and  majestic splendour 
Now forever ours ,to admire and devour, 
Your cables stretched and strained 
Between those two sturdy towers 
When things were constructed for industry
Bridging the gap from history.

Above now hot air balloons 
Seasonally float by like sky flowers
People still admire the engineering feat
Art, society, history all converge and meet
Bridging the gaps seems now complete !

original illustration

 More : INFO for Clifton Suspension Bridge
Submitted to :Gooseberry Goes Poetic whose theme was object 


  1. fit the theme nicely! tq for sharing.. my gooseberry..

  2. enjoyed it, you are quite creative.


  3. so creative and yes I guess bridges do bridge the gaps and allow us easier ways of travel happy picnic

  4. i LOOOOOVE bridges - i find them fascinating and i admire the engineers who are able to construct them...and they carry and connect...wonderful capture here kez

  5. smiles. bridges are cool and people are so creative in designing them. but the ones i love the most are the ones we build between us....

  6. Very nice use of the prompt. You described the bridge and gave it personality, as well. Nicely done!

  7. tough stuff. i enjoyed the strength of this.


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