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Monday, 12 September 2011

Grandads Knee

Grandads Knee

My granddaddy always said to me 
You wait until your thirty three 
You'll have some little'uns of your own
Your little princess or prince will sit upon this throne, 
This throne that's reserved just for you
Till childhood fairyland bids adieu.                                                      

So upon his knee I'd clumsily scramble,
Listening to his stories and rambles, 
His stories were off  far of lands, 
Of fairy queens, her kingdom and commands, 
The only wish he had for me 
Was I be as happy as happy as I could be.

On his throne that was his knee,
My childhood was like a fantasy, 
No seat ever has replaced that spot
That I'd climb upon as a tiny, tiny, tot 
Perhaps if grandaddies knees  were the law 
I'd still see my fantasy lands of wonder and awe 


 Submitted to : Jingle Poetry


  1. Wonderful write. Grandpa's knee; indeed a throne! Nicely written tribute!

  2. You remember the throne. I remember the king... My grandfather loved to play cards with us. Really nice poem!

  3. Beautiful poem, very vivid and engaging.

    Here is my entry

  4. so sweet! my potluck..

  5. thoughtful tribe ..

    Thanks for sharing.


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