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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Zen Fountains

In memory of all victims of 9/11 and for those who have lost their lives since trying to protect our freedom 

Zen Fountains 

Concrete mountains.
replaced by fountains
Soothing Zen like trickling noise
Unable to drown out memories
Of terrorist attacks from other countries  

Concrete mountains,
Replaced by fountains
Unable to ease away the pain
Felt by relative of victims
Whose lives were erased by planes.

Concrete mountains
Replaced by fountains
Soothing Zen like noise
Wars still rage in this age,
Lives still lost by Soilder boys.

Concrete mountains still remain,
Are zen like fountains all in vain ?

 Submitted to :Dverse Poets Poetics  for the theme of  In Memoriam


  1. i wish we could replace all the wars and catastrophes in the world with sparkling fountains...what a wonderful place this earth would become...

  2. i am pleased with the memorial...perhaps if we listened to the fountains...the water and how it flows round obstacles we would not be in wars still bringing bodies home...

  3. The memorial is outstanding ... The fountains hopefully bringing peace to all those that lost someone that day.

  4. I love your refrain of mountains replaced by fountains.

  5. hopeful perhaps may find some soothe ~ in Zen ~ lovely Kerry ~ and poignant questioning ~ Lib x

  6. Tough I do think the fountains and pool is wonderful, I have to consider what you wrote. I want the end of wars period! I grew up in the Vietnam era and that was hell enough for a lifetime. Great poem!

  7. a poigniant idea - if everyone could take control of themselves and become self regulating in accordance with buddhist tradition thus not feeling the need to affect the space, lives and minds of others in viloent or forced ways - what would the world be like?
    if we could all be more zen

  8. Wouldn't it be nice to just have the fountains and nothing else, great piece!

  9. It would be so wonderful to have the world filled with sparkling fountains instead of wars and death this would be a peaceful place to live and raise our children in thank you so much

  10. this is profound.

    thanks for making a sad place live and beautiful.

  11. Beautiful tribute. I agree with a previous comment if only all painful events could be replaced by fountains.

    my entry


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