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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Magical Mystery Tour

A Magical Mystery Tour 

A magical mirage lives inside my head 
A place serene,green a proper homestead,
A babbling brook saunters along. 
Running over rocks creating  it's song ,
The air oozes freshness and perfume 
from blossoms so sweet, 
Where song birds sing their melodies 
tweet tweet tweet

A magical mirage lives inside my head 
A house so perfect not fashion led, 
A picket fence surrounds the lawn, 
Where the sun rises at the crack of dawn 
Puppies leap and the chickens cluck, 
Butterflies flutter and run amock to the rap 
cluck cluck cluck.

A magical mirage lives inside my head 
A comforting ,soft, protective, huge bed, 
Velvets and silks adorn our room, 
Love and serenity the only things that loom
Where you and I lovingly embrace, 
Under a mystical moon as we lie face to face, 
Hearts together in sync beating, 
boom boom boom 

This magical mystery tour you have taken 
Is in my head don't be mistaken, 
For if there was a heaven on earth,
For me to live there, would be my rebirth,
And if this wish was ever granted, 
 This is what would be forever chanted 
I should be so lucky, 
lucky, lucky, lucky . 

Submitted to :  IN TANDEM where art and pictures are used as the prompts check it out for more interpretations of this piece of Art 


  1. I love to think that a picture I created can take us on a Magical Mystery Tour! Back to the Beatles again, eh?
    Thanks for hopping on the tandem again. ♥

  2. Heaven for sure ...a beautiful, uplifting vision...sorely needed in our times.

  3. What a fun magical mystery tour! I love the way you interpreted this painting. :)

  4. Lucky to find that magical place, if this exist at all.

    You have painted a wonderful scene and homestead ~ nice one ~

  5. Great pedalling of Jinky's tandem!

  6. Beautiful journey. Wish there was one.

  7. smiles...sounds like a lovely place honestly...and may heaven crash into your earth soon enough...smiles.


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