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Friday, 2 September 2011

The Lament

The Lament 
A very short story
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Each night she stood reminiscing that final farewell,in her memory the mighty ship stole away her beau. Beneath her,course grains scratched at the soles of her feet yet in her mind tortured thoughts of all those 'what ifs' rattled constantly in her head, As the ship had sailed away she swore she saw angels perched upon the mast, this reassured her their love would forever last, and it had, it was an everlasting love that would last longer than she .She caressed the soft mound forming under the dress she had made for the day of their church union, but he had left his seed within her and though they were parted they would meet again in heaven till then she would nurture and love there child away from the sea, away from the lure of her lovers last mistress and with this thought she threw her bouquet to her watery rival and never again looked back . 

Submitted to Gooseberry Garden
Submitted to Bluebell Short  Story Slam wk 9


  1. Very nice! I love the way you ended this. Never looking back.

    My entry:

  2. a child is the bond,
    despite death and life.

    well done.

  3. I love how the story stirs my thoughts. I can feel the familiar grains :)

  4. so sad and so well said. I like your ending of how she could never look back

  5. So sad... and yet, so hopeful! Well done :-)

  6. the stunning picture and your story as short as it is you have managed to put so much information in this it really felt so much longer. a great romantic piece with the melancholy feelings of time that has gone past .. and now i wish to know the future of the child & Mother and then the child as adult perhaps ..?? always beez


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