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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Regretfully Yours !

Regretfully Yours !

Dark, deep regret, 
Who does it beget? 
Just me and you 
We've found one another, 
Forsaken all others 
so hell yeah !
Explore my history 
But no regrets 
Let them remain a mystery!

It pointless to rake over the past, 
Regrets are lessons that last
They've shape my being  
It's me your seeing 
so hell yeah !
Explore my history, 
But no regrets, 
Allow that mystery. 

Regrets no longer, 
For everything we do now, 
Together, cements us stronger, 
Truth now is our sacred cow 
so hell yeah! 
We'll share our mysteries 
No regrets 
We'll  rewrite our new history. 


  1. Ooooh. I love this one! Let the past stay in the past. :)

  2. Our mistakes make us stronger. We should never forget them, never regret them, only learn from them. :-)


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