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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Life/Death Support.

Life/Death Support

There you lie in your sterile bed,
With your sterile hands and your sterile head.
Tubes growing from your torso and limbs,
Your body intact but your spirit becoming thin.

I look at this person I knew before 
All lifeless and blank,a human no more. 
The tubes are your lifeline,all yellow and clear 
To rip them out and give you your pride,
I would pay dear 
But to have loved and watch you now 
My own Death I fear !


  1. Oh boy...I've seen people in that condition. Sad.

  2. you enabled me to see the lifeless life ...
    beautiful presentation.

    welcome to JP!


  3. I've seen it too....sad but heartfelt. xo

  4. When it's my time I want to be left to die a natural death. Don't fill me with drugs and feed me through tubes. please. Nice write about a sore subject. Well done!

  5. Very real and a topic I feel strongly about. Might have to revisit some old ideas of mine now that you've inspired me! *smile* I hope that whatever inspired you to write this isn't too immediately painful! Thanks for sharing!

  6. So sad and painful my stepdad is in his 80s and so his siblings have been dying most of cancer and my mom has had to take care of them, growing up we often had dying people in our home. My mom has had to choose too if they live or die. I don't know how she's done it

  7. my mom is dying of cancer so this was very deep for me


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