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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bus Stop Watching

Standing, waiting, watching,
Business suit,
Old hag,
Dirty mac smoking a fag.

Standing, waiting, watching,
Metal cans whizzing past,
Anonymous faces,
Rushing to places.

Standing, waiting, watching,
Kids screaming till red in the face,
Mums shouting,
Some days outing.

Standing, waiting, watching,
Monster coming,
Almost to its fill,
Collecting me as usual for the treadmill.
Standing, waiting, watching.


  1. Well I wouldn't call you 'average'!! Enjoyed your poem and look forward to more....

  2. I Love how you make something so ordinary and every day, sound so interesting, and ,, well deeper x

  3. lovely image you conjure here! my potluck..

  4. Poetry hides in the everyday and you have tapped that so well!

  5. You had me standing right there with you watching and waiting. Very effective.

  6. what a fun read, entertaining words.
    you rock.



  7. Yes buses, trains stations of all types - the metaphor for our lives in waiting. Sometimes I think that's a woman's role. You captured the tedium and the senses in this with humor and originality. Very well done. Thanks, Gay

  8. ah i love poems like this cause i am so a people watcher and the bus stop is a great place to do it at...nice rhymes and textures...

  9. i've never had the pleasure of waiting for a bus...after reading your account, i think i'm glad of that fact. quite an enjoyable piece!

  10. i love this. I had that old song called Bus stop going through my head as i read this. However I can relate to waiting at a .stop

  11. Love this... very well written !

  12. Waiting for a monster seems so ominous. Good work! :D

  13. Brilliant! I can certainly relate to this.


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