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Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room

You sit in your red plastic seat,
Awaiting your destiny, one we will all meet,
You cling to your chairs wooden sides, your knuckles clenched  
Only when the pain is really intense.

Your fibres hang on to your meagre frame,
When you catch sight of your own reflection,
You see how much you have changed,
The many folds of skin, the lack of hair,
You know inside you'll soon be there.

Around the rooms more chairs await,
For those who have lived and feel they are late,
For the place we are all going,
They have to wait in this state,
Until it's their time to knock on heavens gate.


  1. Wearing the T-Shirt. I liked this. Real. No wasted words. Not TRYING to be poetic. You let the words of the event make the point. Well done.

  2. scary...
    a nice poem actually :)

  3. If this is your worst poem, then you must be proud of all your works and it looks like a good write up.

  4. I liked it, a dark thought topic and you served it truthfully. ~ Rose

  5. have some great lines in there...think once you establish the You, i would drop the personal pronouns to tighten it up...

  6. agree with Brian, I think there is much more potential in this one

  7. Wow! Did you write that? It's wonderful.

    So St. Peter has red plastic seats eh? Are there doilies on the end tables too. :) And cups of tea for all?

    See how you've inspired me?!

  8. waiting rooms can be so depressive..and even more if they are no real rooms but spaces like in your poem..


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