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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Blog


New blog,New beginnings,
Resolutions made but promises already thinning.
New folks needing cultivated,
Old friends, hoping this is what they have awaited.

New goals there for pursuing,
Past disappointments still doing their wooing,
All that's new is here for the offing.
Thoughts constantly in my head, always wafting.

So take heed and explore the new,
Don't  forget the writings of the past,
When you least expect
They will come
Entice you !!


  1. nice. i am rather fond of the more modern verse but have a growing appreciation of those that have come before...

  2. Nice- I like the last line....

  3. have to say when caught up in life's struggles and felt as if i could not walk, it was poetry that carried me...always searching for poetry old and new just as your poem expresses... when least expected it will come and entice you...lovely words...very uplifting poem...

  4. If not for swallowing the fear and building my blog, I never would have discovered great folks like you! Here's to the old, the new, and sharing the poetic journey together! :) Power to the Poets!

  5. a new blog for sure is an adventure and i'm thankful i started blogging because otherwise i wouldn't have met so many fantastic people all around the world... and yes - i second tashi---power to the poets..smiles

  6. smiles. nice...i remember this, but look at it in a new context now...


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