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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Juggling Act

The Juggling Act 

Street Art By Sam3
It can be such a struggle 
Juggling our relationships, 
Within our social bubbles, 
Our friends to us one offs, unique, 
Some social butterflies, others truly geeks. 
Each one interlocking creating 
Pieces in the jigsaw of our stories, 
Sharing in our tears and our glories, 
Yet mix them up, combine,
Give them some time, 
Leave them to mingle in a room, 
Some will find common ground, 
Others personalties will clash, go boom,
But within each, they allow us to feed 
On our need for what they have to give, 
It works both ways its also what they receive.
Friends shouldn't be exclusive, 
Yet true harmony amongst any pack, 
Is rare, precious and usually elusive !


  1. smiles...i have been amazed by the friends i have made online honestly...and i think that the pack i run with has proven to be there when i need them...

  2. love this look at friends. so true.

  3. I too think about how my disparate groups would fare in a room together! Nicely done!

  4. First time ever I've clicked "cool" but it is. Love how the image and words mesh.

  5. We are not all meant to get along, we wouldn't be so varied and diverse if we did and we'd all be very boring then but, it would be so lovely is we cou;d though.
    Nicely said Kez

  6. Some say that it isn't a perfect world so we aren't going to get along. My thoughts are that it is a perfect world, based on the fact that we have our own values, thoughts, preferences and tolerances and that we have a choice over who we choose to interact with. Ideally, friendship would be effortless but like a houseplant, friendship may die if taken for granted, abused or ignored. When we find people whose interests mesh with ours, we need to be sure to feed their needs instead of solely our own. This is very thought provoking. Nicely presented :) Thanks for sharing.

  7. I agree we will get along with some, and will have a more difficult time with others...Thanks for sharing your reflections ~

  8. True... Not easy sometimes to blend ou different friends in the same room... Most of the time it works itself. Nice capture.

  9. I love this, when I was at school we had quite a small year and all types of people just learn't to integrate with one and other. It was great to see!

  10. Yes, personalitites effect one another in different ways in different mixes. Nice piece.

  11. interesting musing...

  12. Human interaction can be a fickle. Ideas, scents, appearance, audio, all filter through our experiences...those we reach out to and those we recoil from.

    Well done!


    Mark Butkus

  13. I simply love the painting.Your words conform perfectly to it.

  14. Wonderful messaging in this of self, I always like to think of we humans as random hydrogen particles running about, occasionally creating oxygen and other times destruction...well penned ~ Rose

  15. Such a great message! Each of our friends have a unique purpose in our life, as we have a purpose in theirs. :)


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