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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Corridors of Memory 

In the corridors of our minds 
Are memories and times left behind 
Good times to recall and make us smile
Others so bad we could run a mile!

As degeneration sets upon us 
The corridors get blocked
Some memories a kaleidoscope of colours 
Others forever locked !

Thank you to Greg Laychak for the picture


  1. very true. and that clogging is very painful.

  2. I feel that way many times. Thank you for the great write down memories hallways

  3. nice i like the kaleidascope...yeah memories can get well...

  4. Hi Kez, you couldn’t have put it more aptly and succinctly. Beautifully said!
    Meet your newest follower.
    Warm wishes,
    ~ Debra

  5. Indeed others forever locked a nice poem you wrote

  6. Very true. This reminds me of a poem I put on Thurs potluck called Death row

  7. memories and minds could be very strange at times... :) great write!

  8. Thank You Kez. It is just like walking in a carriador with recollections of bygone. Similar other. So Philosophical and sweet. Ever Best Wishes.

  9. Time and memory are indeed fickle things...

  10. So true. My husband works at an assisted living facility, so this made me think of all the stories he tells me. Although the residents may be forgetful, many of them still have a few nice memories they hold on to.

  11. "The corridors get blocked
    Some memories a kaleidoscope of colours
    Others forever locked !"

    Loved the feel to the lines above...

  12. there are many corridors in our mind indeed..and we can find treasures in them i guess..nicely said..

  13. Wonderful and compelling little write that has made my mind travel down some of those corridors..and, of course, now following :)

  14. this is so beautiful... as we grow older, the memories are all that we have. senility, once it sets in, is truly tragic.

    i couldn't write it better. this is an amazing piece!

  15. Don't forget the memories that are twisted and turned into whatever flavour is required in the moment. My Grandmother has the Alzheimer's memories that are gone, made up or frozen forever into today. Nice One Shot


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