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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Flight or Fight

I wrote this on the eve of  The royal wedding with the Jingle Theme for their following week  Doubts, Fears,  inhibitions and hesitations.

Flight  or Fight 

He watched me intently
As an eagle watches prey 
He kept me close to him,
Frightened I may stray. 

I checked his mobile constantly
dove5.gif (30176 bytes)Analysing  ghostly texts
I took all his adulation 
Blew it completely out of context!

He dreamed of church bells ringing 
His bride floating down an aisle
Virgin clothed choristers singing                                                                             
Him taking his prize, proving he was virile !

I screamed at night 
I needed love 
I needed to take flight 
Not to be trapped in a cage like a dove 

 I ran and flew 
I needed to find me 
Before I could find you ...

                                  Submitted to dVerse Poets Open Link Night week 5



  1. very beautifully expressed pain.

  2. Doubts and fears, powerful write. I liked the closer " I needed to find me Before I could find you..."

  3. beautiful...and true...if you dont find yourself first you never will if you replace it with another....

  4. A poem written from the heart I believe.

  5. A lovely built piece, a great harmony unfolds the tale of self. ~ Rose

  6. Very impreesive, Kez. I liked the way you worked us through the whole piece. Nicely done.

    Henry Clemmons

  7. I can relate to not wanting to be caged in. related to that

  8. Describing the feeling of insecurity felt by young women for all time and adding to it modern communication s very nice. I imagine in another era, such poetry would be written about love letters. But then it wouldn't know the touch of Kez. Very nice.

  9. Beautifully done, Kez. Expresses the doubts and fears perfectly.

  10. Great thoughts in here. Love it :)

  11. vividly demonstrated pain,
    the dynamic image is cool.

    thanks for sharing.


  12. Poignant and touching...I like the way of your words.

  13. You write so coherently about a complicated relationship. Well done.
    Here is mine:

  14. Very touching and an in-depth overview into a snippet of someones thoughts on a relationship.

  15. i agree - you have to find yourself first, otherwise you're not able to make someone really happy...and reading this the sting song jumped to my mind...if you love someone, set em free... true

  16. That last stanza is so full of wisdom. If we don't find ourselves first how can we really one half of a relationship.

  17. This is a meaningful post... I like that we need to find and love ourselves first ~

  18. the off-rhyme of aisle/virile works as a wry commentary on the guy's mistaken perceptions. I do feel a little bit sorry for him though, but you can't capture someone like a bird.

  19. Very true, you have to first find yourself and also love yourself before you can give 'you' away to someone else.
    Very elquently written.

  20. nice...i can only echo my original comment glad to see you at dverse...

  21. Oh yes. Much truth here and well written. Heard it too many times. Great write that is VERY wel written. Perfect.

  22. so true we need to find ourselves before someone else - cool bird graphics, too!

  23. We have to find who we are , wise words.

  24. Such true sentiments, all need to find themselves first.

  25. This moves irresistibly. I like the rhymes

  26. Very inspired and inspiring.

    I can hear the church bells ringing -- one of my all time favorite sounds.

    Wonderful poem, with a perfect ending.

  27. Beautiful poetry, especially the last stanza. So true yet most almost always look to the other first. Great write.

  28. Trust me, big trouble comes if you don't find you first! I have changed so much since I married my one true love, (married young by today's standards) and we've battled thru a few wars because of those changes. Got a feeling we've a few more battles round the bend...but he'll survive them!

  29. A great exploration and examination of that most important of searches.

    When your not looking is the best time to catch a peek


    I really like this piece Kez - touching but not sentimental with a lot of personality

  30. Beautiful, those last lines are powerful and say it all.

  31. When we come to love without a clear sense of self then there's too much room for projection, imbalances of power, and codependence. Thank you for reminding me with your wisdom.

  32. Wow. I can relate.Beautiful poem.

  33. such truth in such beautiful words ~ thanks for sharing


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