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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Desert Life 

How is your life ?
Is it filled with strife ?
As you travel on your desert ship, 
Across dunes and sands,
Until the sunshine dips. 

Guiding and Guarding your tribal kin.
Watching and hoping they make it, 
To sustenance before they become thin,
In your wisdom and grace, 
When in turmoil its you they face! 

How is your life?
How do you cope?
At times of strife,  
Does your grace and wisdom 
Satisfy you and your quorum?

How is your life ?

Submitted to One Stop Poetry Photo Challenge 
Picture taken by Rosa Frei , many thanks !


  1. "As you travel on your desert ship" - his eyes say exactly that - he is a ship's captain, and the desert is his ship. Nice one.

  2. yep - makes one wonder and i'm asking these questions a lot when i watch the desert ship..

  3. actually i much admire their life...would not mind being on that desert ship...

  4. "Guiding and Guarding your tribal kin.
    Watching and hoping they make it,"
    I really like these lines because it suggests an entire family and the vigilance that can be "grasped" by the intense, fixed stare of person in the photo. Very nicely done.

  5. So beautiful! I wish I could write like this! Thank you for flatter my image with your words!

  6. "When in turmoil its you they face!"

    A twist of the unexpected, kez. You've got quite the clever mind.

  7. very nicely done! loved coming to your blog. :)

  8. And as the desert wind was his answer

  9. Loved this Kez , well done x

  10. Love the imagery of the Desert Ship Kez ~ 'sailing' 'till the sunshine .. dips'
    truly indeed Master of his vessel
    and loved the questioning
    how 'he copes'
    'his life'
    in life choices
    would he have it different
    if he could
    ~ Thought provoking write ~
    Wonderful ~ Lib ~ @Libithina

  11. How is your life....a question we need to answer truthfully. And...if it is not what we want it to be, have the courage to change it. It is all about choices, isn't? Interesting poem and blog. Thanks for visiting me as it helped me find you! hugs, pat

  12. What a thoughtful peice! Loved it.

  13. Solid, thought-provoking work.

  14. Really interesting and topical piece, good to see Poetry being used in a daily topical manner such as this.


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