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Monday, 9 May 2011

Dead meat

Dead Meat 

There they are on the end of my legs, 
Strange horrid things that sometimes look dead. 
When I'm sitting they sometimes look blue, 
Other times when  I've been running they take on a violet hue .

I paint the ends red, the bits that stick out! 
Supposedly they look pretty , it something,
I doubt!

We wrap them up in black leather and  brown suede, 
We hide them away so they aren't on parade.
Ugly, painted pretty ,covered or bare, 
They're something we need and should always be there
But if you see mine promise
 Don't Stare 


  1. This was really good first I was like is it dead meat or feet you talking about and believe me I don't like when ppl stare at mine either.

  2. Delightfully penned!! :D

  3. dark, haunting, and entertaining.


  4. So not a fan of feet, eh? Great poem however. Loved it all. Entrtaining voice.

  5. Very amusing poem!

    And thanks so much for participating in my latest Limerick-Off.

  6. Entertaining =)


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