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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lets Talk

 Lets Talk!

Speak to me, and tell me what you mean?
My sense of responsibility don't you demean!
I understand about money, family and love.
We said we'd accept each other, to god above 
That means for good better or worse. 
Allow me to think of more, not just what's in my purse. 
I know more than cleaning, babies and the curse! 

I'll accept lives troubles and woes,
I need to know how each of your days goes
Perhaps I can help you, listen, advise
Just don't make life better by telling me lies. 
I know there's problems I can't make disappear 
But if we can talk and listen, love and partnership may reappear !

So lets us talk, discuss, 
The problems, our feelings, our trust .
For with, this I believe, 
The anger and tension will be relieved 
Our minds, bodies and souls can join in union 
Perhaps then the old romance and feelings will enjoy a reunion. 

Lets talk !

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  1. yes - it's for sure an important step to start talking and sort things out together..

  2. communication is everything...otherwise walls build up between people, our hearts need to continually be replenished with sincere and open sharing of ones feelings...your poem beautifully demonstrates the important aspects of a relationship we so often leave behind..."our minds, bodies and souls can join in union"...well said...lovely write...thank you for this one...

  3. So important to talk....nice!

  4. You designed some wonderful rhymes.

  5. i hope that who ever this is written to is can happen, trust me.

  6. How often we all want to speak these words ~"But if we can talk and listen, love and partnership may reappear !"


  7. Such a simple act can cure so many woes, yet it is so hard for us to do. You compel the notion beautifully! ~ Rose

  8. Great poem for these times. I suspect there are similar conversations taking place everywhere.

  9. if hearts are thoughts are
    words are conversations, then
    will you speak with me?


  10. This poem has surely made your voice heard. A passionate pleading.
    Enjoy the rally.

  11. "We" have been married 52 years and your words are beautiful and Sad. Beautiful for those who have figured it out and Sad for those who have not.

    I do not know you Kez but I love you for what you want and need.


  12. Can I hear an amen! Especially the last stanza!

  13. Really felt nice to read a poem in conversational style. Talking is so important, resolves many issues, brings hearts closer. Written in beautiful style.

  14. Indeed, for a relationship to work, conversation is a key.

  15. In the end it will come back to the beginning in order for the relationship to continue forward... via communication. Well stated and poetically appealing.


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