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Tuesday, 10 May 2011



Gentle innocence was once mine,
Though in another life and earlier times. 
Can you no longer see the child that was once within, 
You who have taken me, under your wing,
Teaching me sin! 

When I was a child I grasped the world in awe, 
As my mentor now you challenge my boundaries once more. 
Your world has invited me in , flung open its doors, 
One of pure pleasure,
Behaving like a whore! 

I still possess some innocence which I haven't  yet explored.
Somewhere inside, still exist a child who needs to be adored. 
My boundaries I promise, will gently break,
Every pleasure you dream of
Will be ours to take! 

Jingle Poetry

Submitted to Jingle Poetry Potluck


  1. wow. now that is quite the invitation...amazing what one will do once the boundaries start to fall...

  2. a wonderful write...i sense one letting go and allowing one's self the ability to remove the limitations we are made to believe exist...i see a struggle between good and bad and the freedom of allowing yourself to go out and live was exciting to read your poem and it says to me that life is about choosing, always, and we make our own choices...a lot to ponder in your poem...great writing...

  3. Ouch! Scorching hot and seductive. The games people play...some are more fun that others! Well said, in the midst of an internal moral struggle and letting it fall...

  4. Whew ~ breathtaking and sultry. Lovely composition to the tone of your words, it gave it a "rush" feeling, nice work! ~ Rose

  5. I found this poem rather sad, as if the internal dialogue was losing on the side of what the writer felt wrong, knowing there would be consequences.

  6. wow, just imagining the power when innocence will get explored. Radhika

  7. I agree with the statement above, as I too find a sadness within these words, to be taken down such a path by one you regard as mentor is a rather frightening thought. Hope the subject has the courage to choose another. Compelling write that has this mind working overtime. Great job!

  8. I enjoyed this poem, Kez! yes... the unveiling of innocence would add an interesting dimension to this relationship... it would also bring vulnerability...
    Thank you for dropping by and letting me know.

  9. I don't know if I'm sad or excited...
    But I did enjoy your poem greatly!

  10. Yes, we all have that inner child yearning for adoration!

  11. I guess no matter what happens or how bad things get there's always that child inside of us that we can recall— however faded time and experience makes the recollection. Very well done!

  12. Always so important to protect our inner innocence - I believe it is the source of curiosity, searching, seeking, and a thirst for life. Seems contradictory but the inner child is my source, and my director. Well written. Gay

  13. Wow...well done and sultry!

  14. Interesting. I've always thought the unveiling of the world to be the greatest accomplishment. Now reading, I long for nievete' I've lost.

  15. Powerful writing. The child and the woman coexisting.

    Here is my offering for Potluck 48:

  16. A beautiful write about healing the child within. Thank you!


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