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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Let The Sun Shine

Let The Sun Shine 

Light splinters falling among
 Human constructed monstrosity 
Rays battle against human atrocity
Licking space hungrily like eager tongues,
Its radiance and beauty 
Go unsung, 
Its warmth undone,
By a concrete army !

Scott Wyden Many Thanks For Photo
One Shoot Sunday Challenge at One Stop Poetry


  1. "Licking space hungrily like eager tongues" very cool!

  2. Light vs. humanity. You set this up with a great opening of "Light splinters..." Allows for alternative interpretations. Great poem. I suspect this fight will go on.

  3. ah this is delish....esp from rays battle human atrocity...this is a great write...

  4. As vast as we build the sun will shine through - interesting ideas in the poem

  5. Well done - the sunlight fighting that concrete army.

  6. It looks like an atomic bomb on the page. Excellent writing.

  7. licking space hungrily like eager tongues ~
    by a 'concrete army'~ yes the concrete jungle ~ minus the green but the sun still manages to shine it's beam ~ Excellent Kez ~ Lib @Libithina

  8. It's as though the concrete and the city itself aspire to take over heaven. Great write.

  9. Your poem fits that image beautifully.

  10. "licking space hungrily like eager tongues"... LOVE that image! It makes global warming sound more intriguing. LOL.


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