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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Standing before you

Standing Before you 

I stand before you immortalized forever in marble cold as stone
I stand before you with all I have 
Feelings, emotions, sorrow reflected 
By the  mantle I own,
It stands for love and passion 
I stand before you 
Forever in cold stone love 
My love 
Stands before you !

Submitted to One Stop Poetry 
Picture courtesy of Walter Parada  many thanks 


  1. This is a very interesting perspective on the picture - cold stone love - original and emotive.

  2. just what every woman needs a man made of stone...ha. a tribute to our lave, maybe...but i dont know if a statue of myself would go over well for my anniversary this week...smiles.

  3. marble and cold...a fitting description of the hard bodied warrior standing forever.

  4. The warrior left when all have crumbled into dust

  5. This makes me think of an aquarian friend that I love dearly, that can be and appear sooooooo remote and cold and hard, and then, I see that mirror. The ways people express or allow or define vulnerability is simply amazing, and then our own reactions to what we might view as a lack or a rejection! This one spoke to my personal experiences inside and out thank you!

  6. An interesting take on the picture. Nice.

  7. what passionate words.good work

  8. I like your take on the picture. Nice piece!

  9. Your words pleasant like the breeze...
    Passion and love in these words fondly freeze..
    Wonderful poetry ! :)

  10. Sounds like strong, solid love! Hooray!


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