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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Together (Childrens Lit )


An Elephant looked out upon a darkened sky
He closed his eyes and muttered my, oh my !
Shaking and quaking in his boots,
His trunk couldn't help making  involuntary toots.

A friendly little likeable pooch
Was out taking a leisurely lonely mooch,
When suddenly he jumped high,oh so high!
As he heard the elephants deafening tooting cry.

The little pooch headed towards the hullabaloo,
 He met the humongous Elephant,
And thought what to do, what to do?
He wasn't frightened or wasn't scared.

He guided the elephant and showed he cared,
Strengths are different within us, big and small
But working together makes even the smallest of us tall.

 Many thanks to ManicD Daily for the use of the Picture 


  1. Kez, I just received notification of a Children's Poetry Contest. You might want to check it've got what it takes.

  2. Great poem! Whimsical fun with a serious message. Good job.

  3. Ah that's brilliant - Needs to be published somewhere!!!

  4. Wonderful, I loved this piece very well written poetry :)

  5. The message is a good one ~ no matter who you are or what size you are , every creature on this earth has something special to contribute to society .

  6. A very cool presentation of the message!

  7. Wonderful poem and a great reminder that it doesn't matter how small we are, we can still help!

  8. Ohh that was so lovely ~ love elephants ~
    great ending ~ Lib

  9. Thanks for playing on week 6,
    keep it up.

    Hope to see you do week 7 as well.


    claim two awards from my post if you wish, have fun today.

  10. beautiful, amazingly lovingly interesting,lovely message

  11. cute, and sweet, with a touch of wisdom.
    thanks for writing and thanks for sharing.

  12. Smiles.

    Thanks for the fun poetry.

  13. Just as cute and good the second time!

  14. Very well-wriiten and cute. I enjoyed it. My poem:

  15. Best quote ever "working together make even the smallest of us tall." and a story well, done.

  16. This is just wonderful! Excellent job!


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