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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Camp Man UP

Camp Man UP

Photo by Amy Shepherd  

Jump for joy !
Scream with glee!
Dance with passion,
Your on the brink of being a boy
Childhood pranks will have to flee,
 Manly pose is now the fashion,
Its time to

So welcome to Camp Man Up
Where the dusk of boyhood,
Is usurped my manhood ready to erupt!
Its an organic ritual
Not religious,but kind of spiritual
Its time to

No longer to pull at pigtails,
 Its, so long to bubblegum kisses,
Time to outdo other macho males,
Scour the terrains,draining ales,
Search for the perfect Misses
Its time to

So now your grown,
Your seed is sown,
With your little boys,
You run a mock.
 If  times are tough or really dire
Instinctively you yearn to save and protect,
Your love and all that you have sired.
Once again the ritual will begin,
The time will come to teach your kin

 Submitted To: One Stop Poetry


  1. Hehe, this is wonderful. Big smile on my face after reading it. Great advice, too! ;-)

  2. only fear is in all the definitions of what it takes to be a man...very nice write...

  3. "Its an organic ritual
    Not religious,but kind of spiritual"

    Clever. "Scour the terrains,draining ales,
    Search for the perfect Misses..." Camp Man Up for many indeed. Really like your piece.

  4. hehe - smiling...and i think they should never say so long to bubblegum kisses...kinda like them...smiles. enjoyed this kez

  5. Great poem, but do they ever really grow up? Do any of us?

  6. You got that feeling excitement in the picture well. And growing up is over-rated.

  7. Great take on the photo... yet do we ever truly let ourselves totally grow up? Maybe a glimmer of those childhood days still lives on.

  8. Great poem..I remember going to that camp :)


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