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Thursday, 7 July 2011


 WHY ?

Mummy why can't I plant my tree 
Where my Prince Charming 
Will Marry me 

Mummy why can't I Plant my tree
Where all the magic fairies dance
To the buzzing of the  honey bees 


Mummy why can't I plant my tree
In a land of green 
Where everyone is free                                
WHY ?                                                                                                             

Mummy why can't I plant my tree
Where purple dragons roam and snore 
They'd be so gentle no-one would flee 

Mummy I want to plant my tree
With Daddys spade 
In my red welly boots 


  1. I'm frustrated for the poor kid. Plant the tree, where everyone is free! You present a universal question.

  2. what a tickle.
    love the childhood innocence in your words.
    brilliant and delightful take.

  3. Awww so precious I really can't seem to capture that innocence

  4. oh dear, I am channeling my days as a nanny! lol

    love this!

  5. Ah , the innocence of youth ~ and the typical "why" question that youngsters love to ask ...

  6. Why? a parents nightmare word as well as one of open wonder. Nicely done.


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