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Monday, 25 July 2011

In Memoriam To A Song Bird

In Memoriam To A Song Bird 

With her bird nest hairdo, 
Her Retro Flair,
Honeyed notes of earlier generations
This Fragile Song bird charmed a nation.

The lyrics she penned,
Were her lifes declaration,
Addiction became her crazy predilection,
It was to heavenly spheres she had to ascend. 

Time in her earthly gilded dovecote
 Was cut short, too premature
Her voice, talent and life,
Should not become a footnote,
Or just the story or News de le Jour.
May Her Talent Live On !

This Poem was written in memory of Amy Winehouse who died On July 23rd 2011

Please click here ->_The Amy Winehouse Foundation


  1. Oh the news just made me so sad. Such a tragic loss of a young life, and one with so much talent. Your poem is lovely, but in a way words fail such an awful thing. X

  2. so sad to see such a creative soul cut short...sure she made some decision but got her there but what a loss..

  3. sad and tragic... thanks ~

  4. She seemed to be a tortured soul, I hope she is at peace now.

  5. She served her purpose well! She opened the door to other young and original talents, she opened the door to her blues laced soulful style of song, rarer perhaps, is the recognition she received from her peers and music industry executives. This is what will keep her legend alive...and one day the music, not the lifestyle, will be spoken of first! Lovely tribute, Kerry...and so very happy you shared with dVerse! Yay YOU!

  6. What a beautiful tribute! I was quite sad to hear the news of yet another talented person leaving the earth at a young age.

  7. Lovely tribute, and thanks for the video, too.

    It's worth noting that Amy didn't die of vodka and heroin. She died because she was diagnosed as a manic depressive and refused, REFUSED to stick with therapy and take the meds that would have given her balance and still allow her to show her talent. I am a medicated, creative, outrageous, contagious manic depressive who, before I was diagnosed, self-medicated for years. The difference? Once I got the word, I stuck with the program.

    She didn't have to die. Poor girl. Amy Barlow Liberatore

  8. Kez,

    This is a beautiful tribute. I like the rhythm and rhyme, and I enjoyed reading it with the video playing in the background. Thanks for commenting on my poem about Amy. I have a slightly longer one that I plan to share at dVerse this week.


  9. an incedible talent ~ well penned Kerry ~ Lib

  10. A touching tribute; and a considerate display of caring.

    The perceived capriciousness of Providence being immutably inscrutable, and the justice of a loved one’s death not to be scanned by the shallow eye of humanity, nor to be counteracted by the utmost efforts of human power or wisdom, ultimate resignation and, as far as the strength of our reason and religion can carry us, a cheerful acquiescence to the Divine Will are what we are all to aim for.

  11. Difficult to understand the soul of the artist. The bird that brought us joy with your voice. She used his voice to speak what we do not talk. There remains the longing. Kez, his honor is beautiful. Amy is well, happy. Thanks!


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