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Monday, 4 July 2011

A Drink For Friends

A Drink For Friends 

My friends are iconic,
Like bubbles in champagne,
They come infuse my life,
Prevent me from becoming insane!                                    

My friends are mental,
Like extra fizzy lemonade,
They come entertain my spirit,
Our joint memories replayed!

My friends are strong,
Like coco in my chocolate,
They come singing the same song.
No agendas to translate!

My friends are my diamonds,
In my multi coloured sky,
I drink up their friendship,
Never to say goodbye !

So to my friends I toast,
Our friendship will last for eternity !
I proudly  boast this,
For with friends like mine this is a certainty !


 Submitted To  Jingle Poetry Potluck


  1. You clearly treasure your friends, which likely makes you a very good one!

  2. perfect attitude toward your friends.
    what divine tribe.

  3. Yay! What a wonderful pen to some very special people. Hope they appreciate you as much as you do them! Made me smile...once again.

  4. Love, love, LOVE this one! So sweet, bubbly and charming. I hope you read it to your friends!!! :)

  5. very charming tribute to your friends.

  6. lovely...who would we be without our friends....

  7. Very charming and true, Libby @Libbypoetry

  8. Our friends are very important, but in my world our relationships are much more complex! They fail me and I fail them and therein is the crux of the matter - our humanity. Nice write though.

  9. Quite a complement to your friends. I'll drink to that! ;-)

  10. Great write to your friends, hope the fun never ends.

  11. Great... And great friends should be treasured :)

  12. Charming, a nice toast to friendship!

  13. There must be a whole friend vibe going on these days, but whatever it is, it is good. Friends are magic, and your verse catches that!

  14. Hoorah for friends. Drink up!

  15. congrats on your friendship and I know it will last forever so well done and great job

  16. Funny how friendships and liquid drinks seem connected; perhaps both are moments of refreshment in our lives.



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