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Monday, 25 July 2011

She Cried Me A River

She Cried me a River 

Mother Nature had a decree 
That life,animals and plants, 
be allowed to grow free 
But along came man and played with life, 
Destroying environs and causing strife. 
Mother Nature tried to deliver,
In her sadness and despair, 
She cried me a river! 

Mother Nature wish to command, 
A world full of fruits to nourish the land 
But man-made chemicals changed its course,
Soon the weather would emit its mighty force, 
Mother Nature tried to deliver 
In frustration to cease the exploitation
She cried me a river!   

Mother Nature had a scheme, 
A balance on earth it is her dream,
Where man and animals could work in harmony 
Become a force together....natures army! 
Mother  Nature will have delivered, 
In  joy and celebration. 
She will cry me a river!


  1. This is wonderful I enjoyed this piece :)

  2. I hope you have your way.

  3. too bad that our world works so hard against mother nature - it is a river of tears
    Nicely done!!!

  4. Well said- when will the world get sense!

  5. powerful.
    sad to see a river of tears,
    enjoyed your perspective.

  6. I enjoyed this very much, a thoughtful, interesting piece

  7. I really like picture at the top.

  8. your on the gaia tip and your passion is clear and well delivered -

  9. The strong repeats of "Mother Nature" bring your message out loud and clear.

  10. Your poem reminds me why I focused on environmental studies at college.

  11. love the image of crying a river kez...and we should really be more careful with how we treat this we got only one...

  12. This is so well done and the image is fantastic to go with your river of tears. A piece well done and so much enjoyed

  13. Wow- I love this and the repeating line is clever perfection.

  14. oh i imagine she does cry in how we treat her..nice enviro message which we need to shout more often...

  15. Great Kez, says it all. love the photo as well. Love Suz xo

  16. makes one think... the picture goes so well with the poem too..

  17. thanks for bringing us back here...great enviro msg...i hope that you have a very merry christmas

  18. Such a beautiful post! And so poignant. The picture fits perfectly. Hope you have a Happy HOliday, dear friend! I'm so happy to have met you this year. :)

  19. I love this poem! Well written! The photo is beautiful!



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