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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Let The Children Play

Let The Children Play 

Street Art Sheffield UK 
It doesn't happen much today, 
Kids on the streets allowed to play, 
Playing with glee on the road, 
Messing around cheeks a glow, 
Freedom of innocence stifled by mistrust
Of wicked beings with misdirected lust, 
All their evil deeds reported by paparazzi 
So we believe its the human majority.  

It doesn't happen any more 
Kids confined made to stay indoors  
What happen to informing, making our kids wise ? 
Aware of stranger danger and roving eyes, 
Their right to play in parks and streets is a must 
Freedom in innocence is not an extra, its a plus! 
Childrens environment should be our priority, 
Those non human beings exist only in the minority. 

It should happen everyday, 
Kids outdoors allowed to play, 
Screams of joy and squeals of delight, 
Lights our whole world, alive and bright, 
Our kids are the oxygen of our communities, 
It is their right to play without impunity, 
So communities band as one,  
Watch out for our life blood, 
Let the kids play safe, live life, have fun !


  1. I agree with this! What a great sentiment

  2. This is fab and are forced to be adults far to soon. Missing out on simple pleasures due to the ever changing society.

  3. i could not agree kids we were always out and about and seldom in the home but this is much different today by design or otherwise...adn a sad lot...

  4. It's a sad time when kids aren't safe to play outside anymore in certain areas. Thankfully where we are, it is a small, and very (mostly) gentle island. Hardly any crime to speak of and kids are comparatively safe to be out there.
    Nice thoughts Kez

  5. I could not agree more...the world has become a dangerous place. Children have begun to be viewed as little adults...Just let kids be kids...beautiful!!

    Peace to you

  6. I should be outdoors playing the way it used to it!

  7. oh, i know!!! totally. kids don't get to be kids. i was telling my friend today how my Dad worked in the World's Fair when I was 5 years old, and would take me, and I'd sneak off and run all over the fair. they never let me on rides alone, though!!! but i don't think he knew i did that. what fun!!

  8. Yes, now a days it's so dangerous and such a joy when you hear the laughter of children playing.

  9. i totally agree with this, just wondering where i could find this in sheffield in terms of the street name

    1. I believe this was erased shortly after being photographed ....sorry to disappoint you but thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog !

    2. ah ok thanks anyway x


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