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Monday, 2 April 2012

Paradise Cocoon

Paradise Cocoon 
image: Parke Harrison

Monday dawns the sun forewarns the start of a brand new week 
Tempted to abstain, stay here, remain 
Marooned in my feather cocoon, my brain leaks
Dreams, sweet in my oasis,
Cosy and warm, drinking champagne, 
If only dreams were my life's true status!

I'm forced to peek,take on the week,
Snatch a sleep throughout the five day streak,
Then Friday yawns and Saturday dawns,
I stretch and relax, weekend begins, time to chillax 
Cosy and warm in my cocoon drinking champagne 
Again In my dreams, my paradise, 
Where I reign!  

Submitted to  Magpie Tales where the top Image was used as inspiration


  1. If only dreams were my life's true status

    ha if only...its good to have them though and to have those releases from our toil...

  2. We all have our dreams and if we are lucky live in our own paradise. I do!

    Anna :o]

  3. dreams dreams dreams....nicely done and thanks for sharing

  4. I especially like the second verse and the rhythm of its first four lines.


  5. Love the rhythm and rhyme here... and the fact that you used the word chillax. :) I love to chillax. :)

  6. Will drinking champagne help me chillax? I hope so, cause I love the bubbly!


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