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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Gift

The Gift 

You hold the Key to my secret, my gift, 
You unlock the gate to my love, 
Where eternal love springs forth 
New and surprising delights for you to adore, 
Each time you turn the key 
Warm emotions radiate, create 
Love of the unknown, 
Everyday new gems 

You hold the key to our secret, our gift, 
Nurture and cultivate it for evermore, 
Like every natural organic 
It will flourish and grow, 
Each time you turn the key 
Our love will regenerate, create even more, 
Emotions will reach fresh heights, intensify,
 Mature !

We must keep our key safe, complete ,
So our love remains fresh, sweet, 
Our love will forever surprise us, 
This,our secret, our gift 
How our two soul are destined to live ,
Spring will be constant in our hearts, 
Always new ground to uncover, 
New gifts to be found,

Love is Our gift  


  1. Hi Kez, lovely. Glad to know my photo inspired you!

    1. Thank you so much for allowing me to use it !

  2. love makes for a beautiful keep that key safe that your love may flourish all the more...smiles...warm verse....

  3. Yes, it really is the greatest gift we can be given, isn't it. Lovely writing Kez.

  4. Spring and love go hand in hand, and your poem fits the pictured gate perfectly.

  5. love is a great gift. but it can also hurt

    pportunity on mars

  6. Islam'CookieMonster'4 April 2012 at 11:54

    Made me smile :)

  7. Love is a gift and we must remain attuned to its music and hope. I am glad that you bring this to our remembrance, as it must always stay in out hearts. Fine poem.

  8. This is LOVELY!!! Thank you so much for sharing it in my "Speaking of Love" hop over at Bliss Habits!


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