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Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Ideal Condiment

The Ideal Condiment 
Picture by Manu PomBrol

Upon a shelf in my head 
is a magical store, 
A concept which is light years ahead,
Men who are seasoned, 
For particular reasons ! 
Some spiced with intellect, 
Others bland needing henpecked, 
Some full of charm and wit,
Others just well endowed with all the right bits !
I'd use them to compliment my life, 
Use them only when the situations were right ! 
This would stimulate my funny bone, make me tickle, 
To use a man to complement me, just like a pickle !

Submitted to Magpie Tales where the picture was the prompt 


  1. Picking the right condimant as it were! This is great!

  2. wonderful lines... love it!


  3. Haha. Be careful of those pickled bits!

  4. I'd like mine pickled with wit. :)

  5. Oh seasoned men, the best kind. This is a very clever poem and works so well with the image.

  6. Ha! To keep men in jars, and use the bits we desire on a whim. Do the good qualities improve with age and with seasons? I'd enjoy a romp through your pantry shelves, Kez. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. My head has a canning shelf...

  8. Men who are seasoned,
    For particular reasons

    i am kinda glad we cant use people just to season our lives when we think we need it...ha...but great take on the prompt...

  9. Nice write, fun read and love the rhyme scheme throughout. thanks

  10. Some of us condiments have been on the shelf too long. :-)

  11. I want to shop in your store ........

  12. In the corner laughs
    Come to pair with desires cup
    Madness in a cat

  13. Superb! are versatile..

  14. the title for this should be dildo??

    renal test


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