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Monday, 30 April 2012

Char !

Char ! 

There is nothing so calming as a fresh cup of tea 
It takes me to places I know I'll never see 
An oasis of sorts, of peace and calm 
Where every thing is full of a mellow charm 
Where life is easy, sweet and fair 
I sip some more as I relax back in my chair, 
Those little leaves of tea pick so far away 
Yet calming me day after day, 
Forget champagne and fancy spa's, 
There is nothing as satisfying as a cup of char !

 Char means Tea in English slang learn more about Tea Terminology

Submitted to :Imaginary Garden Openlink


  1. i enjoy a good cup of earl grey on occassion, usually in the does well to calm me...need my coffee in the morning though...

    char? evidently means sometime other than what i know it as...

    1. Char Means tea in english slang ...I have included a link now with tea terminology ...thanks for visiting and your comments ...from your friend the tea addict !

  2. I think we all need our own little cup of survival these days. Enjoyed this greatly.

  3. I loved the picture (and really want one of those little ponds in a glass teacup) so I'm thrilled to see it used for your Monday poem. Thanks for being a part of Real Toads Open Link.

  4. Hmm. I never heard that expression before. Learn something everyday and I love Tea, almost as much as coffee, but they are two completely different experiences. Can't beat a nice cup of Spiced Chai in the early evening. Thanks

  5. I always admire a person who can rhyme and it lends such a soothing air to this poem.

  6. love this...I am an all-day tea drinker so I felt a connection to the joy of those tiny leaves.

  7. I enjoy tea...very calming for me too ~

  8. The tea selections have become huge..entire stores devoted to the like and to walk in is to walk in to a little slice of heaven with all the fantastic aromas. A good cup of tea....nothing like it really. Nice work.


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