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Friday, 13 April 2012



Today as I woke I was flooded with dread 
Last night was fine when I went to bed 
It was the twelfth, a Thursday night, 
Now today has dawned and I'm facing it in fright 
I've greeted crowing magpies with cheery smiles,
Manoeuvred around a ladder for almost a mile, 
Threw spilt salt behind me,
Right into my spouses eye, 
Whose constantly whinging,
And is now asking why ?
He's eyes are weeping and his feet are bare ?  
I've hidden his shoes under a chair,
For if he was able, 
To wind me up, he put them on a table 
For he has a self appointed mission, 
To disprove my many superstitions 
I just want to get through today 
Bid the thirteenth goodbye,
 Go away !

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  1. ha nice spin on the crazy day...i defied it...i traveled...had a great day...take that 13...smiles.

  2. hope the day turned out fine Kez ~ hgs Lib ~ so lovely to see you ~ missed u ~ been really ill ~ just started nother round ~ eyes very hazy ~ sending love

  3. A fun romp through the "frightening" day. Good one!

  4. I adore your ability to rhyme with such flawless ease! Awesome entry for FWF! Thank you!


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