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Monday, 9 April 2012

The Will Of Love

The Will Of Love !

San Francisco Street Art 

Will I go ? 
Or do I stay ?
Did you love me ?
Why did you stray ?
Has our Love died ?
Have we tried ?

Will I go ?
Or do I stay ?
Do I love you ?
Has our love died ? 
A mortal decay? 

Will I go ?
Or will I stay ?
Will our love last ? 
For all our days ?
Will this love die ?
Will we try ?

I would not go, 
My heart still flows, 
My love is alive, 
We shall grow, 
Our love,
Will survive !

 Submitted to JP At The olive Garden whose theme was Doubts,Fears,Inhibitions and Hesitation 


  1. love the street art....and i like the hope in the end of this as will win...if we let it....

  2. Yes, love the ending. if love is strong it's worth the stay. And thank you for the visit and Blessings to you and your family.

  3. nice that you come to the conclusion that there is enough life in that love to make it survive...nice..

  4. I love happy endings! :)

  5. They say love conquers all & I think they're right! :)

  6. Love wins, always. It's a fact. Love is blind, deaf, mute. Immerse yourself in it, that's all.


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