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Sunday, 11 March 2012


image: Uzengia Aleksander Nedic

Banished told to vanish 

Never to return, no matter how much I yearned, 
Disgrace I brought to that place ,
Looking back memories only in black and white, 
Off that dreadful, fateful night, 
Caught with my lover, 
Though his heart had been promised to another,
The kaleidoscope of my world, 
Drained of its richness, unfurled, 
 Lost in my hole of doom, 
As I protected the precious cargo in my womb, 
Who one day I would return, 
To the place I had disgraced, 
I would not vanish! 
True love survives, lives on, 
True love can never be banished! 

Submitted to:Magpie Tales who supplied the inspiration 


  1. True love can never be banished...

  2. As I read your Mag I could see it play out in black and white on a big screen. Very nice.

  3. quite the hard row through the middle there caught between two...and with child...i do agree with your last line...tru that

  4. No, true love can never die nor cease to be. A tough thing to have to go through for sure.

  5. A very emotive but heartfelt journey of shared loyalties. Thank you for sharing, Kez.

  6. Never banished, I agree, but occasionally vanquished...


  7. but what is true love? only some thing you keep believing in

    depth of field


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