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Sunday, 12 June 2011

One Bad Deed

One Bad Deed !

Charlton was a boy indeed, 
Always clothed in denims and tweeds,
Daily he pounded along school halls, 
Most boys scattered or hugged the walls.
For Charlton was tall,strong and wide,
It was mainly the bullies who stood by his side.
Charlton was a boy indeed ! 

All the lads who were small for their size, 
That wore round specs, or detested lies, 
Became the victims of Charlton scorn. 
Victims sported bruised limbs or clothes that were torn,
Charlton was a boy indeed !

Ten years later and the school has gone,
The victims memories of Charlton linger on ,
Now one realises justice is sweet,
As a man who changes lives,he and Charlton meet,  
Time to turn Tables and exact his treat.
Charlton was a man in need ! 

Charlton knows his life is down to his victims course,
The victim relishes every second with pleasure and remorse,
He tries to Stare Charlton out and gauge his fears. 
The moment has gone,along with pleasure,
The memories have almost disappeared 
Charlton didn't need to plead !

So take heed from Charltons Action
Understand for every bad deed there is a reaction. 
The past can always rear its ugly head 
Deeds misplaced can be forgiven
But forgotten only when we are dead  
Charlton could then be freed !


  1. I hate bullies and love your poem:)

  2. Bullying is a big problem I think most of have been teased at some point, at least I have and its hurtful (for me at the time not anymore). We all like to think the bully will get a taste of his/her own medicine maybe, this is much more of a taste then I would have wished on anyone! Great job actions do have consequences indeed

  3. Sad (& funny) poem ~ all bullies have an insecure streak somewhere I think...and it would come back to bite them... good write.

  4. nice bit of story telling verse with a great moral, poetic justice for the bully's victims...

  5. I long for the formula to stop bullies. There seems to be no easy answer. The situation compounds when adults in charge side with the bullies and pile on. I grew up in that atmosphere. So many were wounded. If anyone finds a solution, email me first. This was well realized. Thank you.

  6. Bullies are sad little people inside. Karma, revenge, reaping what they sew....I hope so. Nice piece.

  7. A rich tale and of-course great advice in the last stanza.

  8. well said Kerry ~ 'for every bad deed a reaction' ~ great write ~ got his come uppance ~ horrible problem ~ bucked up against it many times ~ agree with Gay often as a solution the adults involved put all support behind the bully ~ yes, have problems ~ but the after effects are so far reaching ~ all's I can say is Love and Peace ~ Lib xx

  9. A good message tot he Charltons of this world. It will come back to bite you in the .....

    Enjoyed your poem!

  10. bullying is below class actions,
    love the insights, blessings.

    Happy Potluck!


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