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Thursday, 9 June 2011


This poem is written because of  One Stop Poetry ....Arts and Graffiti I chose this graffiti by Banksy as I find it so ironic


Keep it neat !
tis our street 
We're all so prim
Scribbling is such a sin! 

Keep it smart! 
tisn't art !
We all have class
Self expression is so crass!

I think its neat, 
art's such a treat!
Banksy paint down our road, 
The middle classes have been vetoed. 
Parliament  have made a social treaty 
 Urbanites must embrace graffiti.

Graffiti By Banksy


  1. Tight & creative piece here... it flows very well. thx for joining today!

  2. cute. reminds me of a note you'd see in a restroom to keep it clean. imagine if this was posted all over the city, telling people to keep the city clean...i like that idea.

  3. that pic...the pealing back of reality...i am all for self expression...

  4. Wonderful piece. I love the picture of graffiti you shared.

  5. A true Banksy fan prose :) I like it.

  6. Great peice! Love the image and the creative way you praise it. :)

  7. One word - fab - u need to put this on a wall somewhere!!!

  8. Nicely done and a great picture to go along with it.

  9. How bright and wonderful. :)

  10. I love it =) The poem and picture go together perfectly

  11. awesome poem and the picture is brilliant. thanks for sharing


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