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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

For Amy

This Little ditty is written on my Daughters Birthday ( who is loved lots ) she is to be married next year to a lovely chap So this dedicated to her.

For Amy 

Amy Shepherd

My Pre-Raphaelite child,
With her tonal golden hair, 
A face illuminated by her smile,
Her demeanour totally unaware. 

My Pre- Raphaelite Teen,
With her tonal golden hair, 
Her body entombed in jeans,
A style she wore with flair!

My Pre- Raphaelite woman,
With your tonal golden hair, 
Your love of life your omen,
A gift if ever to share !

My Pre- Raphaelite offspring,
With your tonal golden hair, 
A love date set for your wedding
To a groom who loves to care !

What more could we wish for 
My Pre-Raphaelite Child !  

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  1. Kerry! This is wonderful! I dare say it's yours that may put mine to shame! I like how you keep the phrase from start to end, and the pic is lovely! Your "baby" girl is beautiful, and hope her road ahead is filled with lots of love! Make sure her prince knows just how lucky he is :)and send birthday wishes her way from me!

  2. big smiles. congrats to her and you...and a nice walk through the ages...her love of life is inspiring...smiles.

  3. Brilliant I wonder if I'll be writing poetry for my little seven year old in years to come! Gorgeous girl you have Kez, she looks like a joy to be around and you're obviously very proud of her!

  4. A lovely tribute to your daughter! Your love shines through...delightful... :)

  5. Amy must feel very honored by your writing, I loved it and enjoyed it a lot. I hope my mom feels something like that when I get married... me, as a child, would love to read soemthing like that.

  6. absolutely lovely, your poem exudes love and the most brilliant celebrations of life, your daughter, and she will cherish your words and keep them in her heart...always...

    the sweetest love...


  7. Taking a walk through the ages
    Yet remaining on the same pages
    With the first little bit
    Really adds joy to what you writ
    Nice tribute indeed
    And a great read

  8. Your poem provides many snap shots of your daughter growing up. Lovely write. Happy Birthday and congrats!

  9. always sweet to reflect of the wonderful-ness of our children, lovely :)

  10. The emotion shines through, and so the cycle contines

  11. Pre-Raphaelite child......Such a lovely image. And such a beautiful poem about a daughter growing up. Must be absolutely delightful to witness such a miracle....This is beautiful!

  12. the joys of it.. I have no children.. will I ever, I cannot say... but certainly appreciate this

    Warmest Salad


  13. really lovely ~ what a gorgeous photo of your beautiful daughter ~ and a wedding to come ~ so exciting ~ your pre raphelite queen ~ a bride to be ~ 'with a groom that cares' ~ couldn't ask for more ~ beautiful ~ Lib x

  14. I love that pic of your daughter! Congrats to the bride and to you, Kez. :)

  15. This is just gorgeous and I love the repetition. Beautiful daughter you have =)

  16. Aaaaw!!
    Many Happy Returns of the Day!
    loved the pic and words..

    hugs xoxox

  17. Lovely and sweet, I can feel your happyness through your words!

  18. Fantastic word usage to bring up images into one's mind - great write!

  19. what a prideful entry,
    you and your girl are blessed.

    Thanks for the treat.
    Happy Rally.

  20. Ah that's lovely kerry - wish them both well for the wedding. X

  21. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful....


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