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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mummy Forever

 Mummy  Forever !

People laugh when I say, 
Mummify me,
OK ?

My life has not affected the human race, 
So Mummify me,
 With taste !

Never to reach fame like Mozart 
So mummify me,
As art !

You can store me in the hall
So mummify me,
 I'm not tall ! 

I'll hold coats, hats and brollies, 
So mummify me,
Its no folly !

I'll check out your guests, 
To  be mummified,
Is my request! 

People laugh when I say, 
 OK !

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  1. ha. this was a fun read...and yes i did laugh...but if that is what you ask...ok...smiles.

  2. Fun and light post ~ I want to be Mummified ~

  3. Reveals humor and personality. smiles

  4. I really enjoyed this humorous write. It's a classic that your children or nieces and nephews will enjoy for ever. Awesome.

  5. Really funny and clever. Mummify me...thought you were going for being a Mum at first...that might have gone Xrated. Ha. Thanks,Gay

  6. Its funny, still I liked your own set of logic, to get mummified, deep in cases.

  7. haha this was quite funny
    I had to laugh about you wanting to be a mummy
    But to each their own
    Maybe one day you'll come back alive and scare people with each stride..haha

  8. Hahaha. That is definitely an end of life request I've not heard before! Very cutely written. :)

  9. Made me laugh except for understanding, a bit too well, the possible metaphor.
    Great writing. Thanks for the smile, and wonder.

  10. I like this very much. It is both funny and an interesting Idea. I would not mind being mummified.


  11. adorable humor.

    thanks for the tickles.

  12. This is so cute and I love your humor in this one thanks for sharing

  13. smiles...this was a fun revisit this morning...smiles.


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