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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Normal Service /Resumed

Normal Service /Resumed 

Picture By Rob Hanson

The lines of communication seem to be down, 
When I look at your face I can see your frown.
We need to restore the line,. 
This Relationship need to be redefined.

The lines of communication are broke.
I will  not treat us like a joke. 
We need to update,modernise,
This relationship needs no lies. 

The lines of communication have been restored, 
We seem to have found our soundboard,
We found our ideal communication, 
Love is forever the solution.  

Submitted to: One Stop Poetry for One Shoot Sunday 
Many Thanks to: Rob Hanson For the kind use of his brilliant Picture 


  1. love is the solution for sure...and we can not let our communication or lack of get in the way of it...

    thou is a hard word in your second line, throws off the flow a bit, IMHO...

  2. Communication is key...and we know it works because we have watched it fall apart so many times...Love is the way...i believe that with every part of myself...

    agree with Brian about the "thou" threw me off...actually wondered if it was a mistake and you meant another word..."Thou" is an archaic feeling word that doesn't jive with the rest of your words and tone...Maybe a more up to date "formal" word...or even just changing it to "then"...I dont know...just thinking out loud...disregard what doesn't fit!

  3. Beautiful ending in the final line. Your poem hints at a new day, one with modern technology, whose lines are still being determined by its users.
    "The lines of communication are broke.
    I will not treat us like a joke.
    We need to update,modernise,
    This relationship needs no lies."
    Great flow there. Excellent prompt response.

  4. Yet ultimately, communication is a foundation laid like lines in the ground... connecting our souls in love.

  5. good you managed to restore the communication's so difficult not to lose connection - and your last line drives it home nicely..

  6. Many thanks for all your comments ...I have changed the thou to When on Annie and Brians advice and yep it does seem to flow better ....thank you

  7. Loved the sentiment. Never hurts to get reminded.

  8. love is forever the solution -- and while love cannot be broken, lines of communication most definitley can.

    Lovely to meet you! Thanks for dropping by my place too.

  9. Love can never be broken, that's a nice way of looking at it. Thanks for sharing

  10. Without the ability to really talk and listen, how does anything prosper. well done!!!

  11. I really like your take on the picture!

  12. Beautiful composition in this piece, it flowed so well. A wonderful prompt write! ~ Rose

  13. Old dustry telephone as metaphor for relationship -- well done.


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