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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Cinders Wishes

Cinders Wishes 


This is my fella 
To him I am his Cinderella
He adores me with such  a passion 
Working endlessly to figure the latest fashion 
What he seems to
 That time, love perhaps a walk in the park
Would make my heart sing  
like the sweetest skylark
Not trying to sculpt my perfect shoes 
Is what my Prince Charming 
Could lose !

Many thanks to Rob Hanson for the use of the wonderful picture !


  1. ha. nice play on the fairy tale...the perfect shoes eh? i know quite a few women that might make happy smiles.

  2. "This is my fella
    To him I am his Cinderella"

    Such a cool opening! Love how you spun this into an admirer's tale that both praises and chides a little bit. Very nicely done.

  3. beautiful - thanks for the cinderella smile...whisk him away from the perfect shoes and kiss him senseless...smiles

  4. I love taking the story of Cinderella and applying it to the photo. Well done.

  5. Too often love is lost spending too much time doing something other than the simplest things - lovely - Steve

  6. A fun, clever take on that fairy tale. It complements that picture so well.


  7. I have always liked Cinderella - and the idea of the perfect shoe. True, sometimes company/words/concern could be a better form of cultivating a relationship.

  8. Just beware the little elves that sneak out after bedtime! Sorry, couldn't resist! A great response to the prompt...very sorry to have missed this one :(

  9. Great ! I Love this one :)


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