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Friday, 22 June 2012

Some Days

Some Days
Some days don't you want to stay in bed ? 
Feel those woes weigh heavy like lead !  
Some days do you want to shout at the world ? 
But stay embryonic, curled and unfurled,

Some days when your inner sunshine dulls, 
Because Ideas constantly fight inside your skull,

Some days do you want to scream at your fate ? 
Wishing life's path was strong and straight,
Some days are what we need, 
So we feel the happiness seed, 
Some days they will be bloom, 
Banish all the woes and gloom, 
Some days life is the best, 
Forget some dull days and 
Reflect on the rest !

Some day .........


  1. Powerful line, Kez: "Wishing life's path was strong and straight" Love your style:)

  2. I'm with Ayala, feels like today... and most days :)

  3. i hear you...some days...and some days...and it is def best to dwell on and in those that have the sun shining bright...smiles.

  4. Ah yes, thankfully these are only SOME days & not ALL days.

  5. I've been wishing for easier days lately, but telling myself (as you say) that these times enable me to feel the happy moments more fully. Yin Yang, right?

  6. We need the light to see the dark...and the dark to contrast with light. Nice write!

  7. Yes, yes! to shout at the world /But stay embryonic, curled and unfurled. Definitely my style when I feel like this!


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