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Wednesday, 6 June 2012



He writes
  ............     Obsessed
  ......            Possessed
He scribbles                                                      
.....           His riddles
He rhymes
    ....       At all times
He sweats
His feelings
   .....       Repressed
Leak manically
   .....      Organically

Characters alive
  ......         Survive
For an age
  ...          On the page

The demon inside
....              Cries!!!
Let me out!!!
Let me go !!!
The words,
They flow !


  1. A beautiful poem telling the plight of the writer in front of the paper. Who writes the poem? The writer "writes the poem"? Or the poem "writes the writer"?

  2. lol so true isn't it and love how you expressed this with a kinda mad laugh and seriousness that it is when trying to write & then the flow the release Love the pic also Kez fabulous really enjoyed this poem always beez :)))


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