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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Politics Regurgitated

Politics Regurgitated 

(  Art by Banksy )

We've heard it all before,
Feed the rich, starve the poor,
Same old messages being spewed
Untrue Promises exacerbated in magnitude,
Manifestoes being branded around,
Touted about by every biased newshound.

We've heard it all before!

We've heard it all before,
Save the countries assets,
Making untrue promises, with no regrets.
Improve our infra structure
Change how and what we manufacturer.

We've heard it all before!

We've heard it all before,
The same old spewing trash,
Same old messages just being hashed and rehashed
Save the country, makes us great again
Not a word of truth, not even a grain.

We've heard it all before!

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