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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Missing You

Missing You 

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Hugging your pillow, 
Ain't quite the same, 
As snuggling with you, 
And calling your name. 

Missing You!

Eating dinner solo, 
Munching the bone, 
Not chatting with you, 
Just being alone
Missing You! 

Sitting watching drivel, 
Like we do, 
It seems to make sense, 
When its us two. 

Missing You !

Random thoughts that enter your head, 
Now it's just silence. 
No mumbling philosophy, 
The space is dead. 

Missing You !

So hurry home, 
Fill the space, 
Snuggle up tight, 
Make my heart race. 

Missing You !

Hugging my pillow 
Ain't quite the same,
Missing you 
Saying my name !

Missing you is what I do 
When it just me 
And not us two 
Missing you !

Submitted to dVerse Poets poetics whose theme was Missing you check out other submissions 


  1. excellent find on the picture...and your verse...nothing is the same without them, that is for sure....the silent thoughts is a nice touch too....oy...

  2. the pic and your verse going with it is just perfect...eating dinner solo is no fun as is nothing else without the one we love..smiles

  3. The photo choice captures the feeling of the piece so well.

  4. sometimes its the mundane, everyday things that we miss the most!..i'm so pleased you used the word snuggling in this...whenever i'm away...i just miss sitting on the sofa with my wife and cuddling up, watching crap on tv!! and sometimes its the silences we miss...the fact that we DON'T need to say anything to each other


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